I'll make a fancy pants submit page Real Soon Now, but in the meantime you can email me at "john" at this domain.

Update January 9th

997 modules. Muffs user a scanner darkly has joined The Eurorack Database crew and is maintaining the video demos! He has done a great job for the community in this capacity for the past few years, and we are lucky to have him.

In other news (courtesy of Muffs user EatYourGuitar):

Update October 3rd

977 modules. My Eurorack modular is about the last thing I expected to see in a Facebook post from TC Electronic:

Update July 16th

947 modules. It looks like the Eurorack Planner is no more, so I've removed the link. Best wishes to Dev Gupta, and many thanks for making such a useful tool available.

I'd also like to thank Rhythm Active for their support of the site for these past months! If anyone else would like to promote their shop, first read below and then let me know.

In other news, this video kicks ass:

Update May 20th

920 modules. Prompted by a discussion at Muff's, we now have a page listing suppliers of DIY Eurorack modules, PCBs, etc. See the "DIY Resources" link above.

Update February 15th

858 modules. Thanks to a suggestion from Muff's user akrylik, I finally got around to putting in a sort option that allows you to find the most recently entered modules: see the new "Entered" sort option in the "Media" column.

Update December 17th

816 modules. I've added a couple of categories of "modules" that I didn't previously include in the module listings: power supplies and blanks. Power supplies that have a front panel component are now included, and blank panels will also be included so they show up in rack planner applications.

Update December 5th

803 modules. LZX has been on a tear!

Update November 10th

774 modules. I'm happy to annouce that The Eurorack Database is now providing supplemental module data to Modular Grid. Knut's a terrific asset to the Eurorack community, and his open approach is certainly showing some results!

Update November 8th

771 modules. The Eurorack Database welcomes Rhythm Active as the first sponsor! Scroll down a bit if you want the explanation for this move. Some more features to help retailers evangelize the format will be coming soon. Other retailers (but not manufacturers at this time, please) who are interested are invited to drop me a line.

Update October 22nd

747 modules. Borked! Amazon had an outage in their EC2/EBS infrastructure, which took down Reddit, Foursquare, and others--but more importantly, it took down this site for about 8 hours. :-(

Update October 15th

739 modules. I'm happy to announce an alliance between The Eurorack Database and the Eurorack Planner at Dev Gupta has put together a great site with a lot of features I've been wishing for. I'm pleased to supply and maintain commercial module data, and it's easy to add custom modules! Congratulations are also due to Knut Schade over at Modular Grid for the successful launch of his community-driven rack planner site.

Update October 12th

737 modules. It was long past time for a CSS refresh, so here it is. It still needs a little polish, but let me know if there's any major breakage.

Update October 5th

725 modules. Work and other demands have taken away from my "fun time", but I've been doing a lot of data scrubbing and of course data entry for the torrent of new modules announced and/or released over the past couple of months. The ads may still happen, let me know if you're interested.

Update August 7th

682 modules, can you believe it? Raul Pena has been kind enough to include me in his update email list so I don't miss posting any of his tutorial videos. His Youtube channel is here: Raul's World of Synths. Speaking of video and audio demos, I'm actively looking for demos to embed, especially for modules that don't have any. Please email me with links (Youtube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud) if you know any good ones you'd like to share: john (att) eurorackdb d0t com.

Now I'd like some feedback. I'm going to remove the Amazon ads since everyone (including me) is apparently running ad blockers. I've made $1.00 total from the ads. :-) That's fine with me, and it was an interesting experiment. I'm considering replacing them with Eurorack-centric ads from retailers. I have two main motives for this:

  • They might help you, the user, find a supplier you've never heard of.
  • The newer retailers in particular could really use the exposure.

Ad revenue is low on my list of priorities, so I'm thinking of a token fee to keep everyone on their best behavior: US$20-30/month? It'd cover hosting, donations to Muff's, etc. with a bit left over if there were a few takers (a couple have contacted me already, of course). I don't intend to accept anything from manufacturers because I plan (stop laughing, I might actually get coding!) on opening up reviews sometime in the future and want to remain as neutral as possible.

But I might just get rid of the ads entirely, I dunno. It partly depends on the feedback I get from the community: do you think retailer banners where the Amazon stuff was would be helpful? Email john ]a t[ eurorackdb d*t com, or you can PM me at if you want to anonymously flame me for being a closet mercenary. ;-)

Update July 15th

I've apparently been too busy entering modules (now at 663!) to post updates. :-) There has been a lot of good old fashioned data grooming behind the scenes, along with embedding demo video and audio. I hope to see some of you at the Noisy By Nature show in August:

Update May 6th

A few of you have emailed me with additional data and corrections. Thanks! In other news, I'm still working on embedding media, but there's now enough in the system to make it worthwhile to show which modules have demos and which don't.

Update April 30th

Marco from Italy wrote a helpful bug report that helped me pinpoint and fix an issue with RackPlanner files. Meanwhile, emails have been flying all weekend about some new features at the 'base. This ought ot be good. :-)

Update April 26th

Tim over at Circuit Abbey made some helpful suggestions about the totally neglected case section of the site. The immediate result is that the list now includes, and can be sorted by, depth.

Update April 23rd

I'm off to a running start with video embedding thanks to the wonderful list of demo videos compiled by Muff's user a fuzzy beacon. The first pass will be from that list, but I'll add in demos as I run across them in Soundcloud, too.

Update April 18th

Can we all just agree that mod_rewrite sucks? But I did fix a bug that might have cause some 404s for perfectly legit links in the history list. I've been doing a lot of image retouching, too. A steady stream of module announcements has kept me busy--I think my grandmother is gonna start making a series of modules soon. :-)

Update April 10th

past couple of weeks have flown by with lots of solder fumes but not much coding. But I do data maintenance almost daily so the site has that minty-fresh smell.

Update March 27th

600 modules. When I started this, I estimated there were 450-500 modules ever made in Eurorack format. Now I've reached 600 and I keep finding entire well-known companies (Cyindustries!) whose modules I completely forgot to enter. Where does it end?

Update March 23rd

Week Two has been a little quieter, but there is progress here and there. I keep finding manufacturers that I either never heard of or completely missed. There have been new product announcements, too, so the database keeps growing far beyond what I expected. Behind the scenes some people have made some very useful suggestions and conributions that will soon bear fruit.

Update March 17th

The site had a great first week: a lot of you made useful suggestions, there are now 562 modules in the database, and by some magic The Eurorack Database is now among the top search results for quite a few modules. The reception by the community has been wonderful, thanks so much for the encouragement. I hope to conclude the first pass of data entry this week and start coding some new features.

Update March 11th

Thanks to suggestions from Muff's users decaying.sine, Yeuky, and bk, there are now prev/next links at the bottom of lists, and the manufacturers in select lists are limited to those with products in that list. Feedback from several people has prompted me to make text searches (currently module and case names) "includes" rather than "starts with" searches. Sorry about the confusion!

In other news, Muff's user polyroy pulled out all of his Plan B modules (a hell of a lot of them), measured their depth, and sent me the results. I'm floored. Data entry for Plan B is still in progress, so this will go in shortly.


Hello and welcome to what I hope will become a useful tool for the Eurorack community.

The site is hopefully straightforward enough to be self-explanatory, so I will skip the tutorial for the time being. Please keep in mind that I'm still actvely entering data, so if something seems to be missing it just might show up tomorrow. ;-)

I would like your feedback, both good and bad. I would also appreciate data additions or corrections. All of these and more can be sent to jo hn at eurorack db dot com. I especially invite manufacturers to contact me if they can offer more accurate data or better panel images.

There Are $%#%* Ads On This Site!

(Ads have since been removed) Yeah, that's my plan for world domination. Seriously, I'm managing the ad list by hand so you don't get a bunch of lame crap thrown in your face ... or rather: if the crap is lame, you can complain to me about it. I'm trying to make the ads an asset to the site. I know I found a couple of things I never heard of when putting this initial list together. If you have something for sale on Amazon (music, etc.) please let me know and if I think it fits in I'll be happy to give you a plug. I intend to add some other non-commercial promotional items to the sidebar, so it's not all about the filty lucre.